Industrial revolution has given man a lot many luxuries, and these are generally in the form of Mechanical Machines. The manufacturing of their parts is not a simple task and requires a lot of accuracy many times. This is not obtainable by any of the direct methods from the molten metal.

Hence metal is obtained in a basic shape and size which is then machined to the exact required size. The Study of these metal removing operations is done under Machining & Machine Tools Lab.


The lab sessions are intended to make the students understand the different operations in machines such as Lathe, Drilling Machine, Milling Machine, Grinding Machine etc. The student will be provided with a raw metal piece along with the dimensions of the required work piece.

Laboratory exercises provide opportunities for direct study of the Machines and their operation. The laboratory must be used as a chance to enhance understanding of the Machining & chip formation. The following Learning Objectives for the laboratory will guide student in taking an active role in their education.

  1. Gain familiarity with physical use of Machines.
  2. Develop and reinforce measurements skills.
  3. Develop and reinforce skills in documenting observations.
  4. Develop skills at writing laboratory reports.

List of Major Experiments:

  1. Measurement of cutting forces (Pz and Px or Py ) in straight turning at different feeds and velocities
  2. Measurement of average cutting temperature in turning under different speed – feed combinations
  3. Measurement of surface roughness in turning under different conditions
  4. Study of chip formation (type, color & thickness ) in turning mild steel and evaluation of role of variation of cutting velocity and feed on chip reduction coefficient /cutting ratio and shear angle
  5. Measurement of tool – wear and evaluation of tool life in turning mild steel by HSS or carbide tool
  6. Geometrical and kinematic test of a centre lathe or a drilling machine
  7. Producing a cast iron vee – block by machining
  8. Production of a straight toothed spur gear from a cast or forged disc


  1. Lath
  2. Drilling Machine
  3. Milling Machine
  4. Grinding Machine
  5. Tools Force dynamometer
  6. Thermocouple for Measurement of average cutting temperature
  7. Shaping Machine
  8. Planning Machine