Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)



Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

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    The objective of BBA program at IIE is to equip students with the ability to integrate the knowledge from various disciplines, develop logical & critical thinking wherein they can recognize and solve the problems, weigh & understand ethical issues and communicate effectively. Within this broad framework following Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) are stated:

    1: To develop competency across business disciplines, specifically conceptualizing, synthesizing, organizing, and resolving enterprise – level management problems or issues by applying suitable quantitative and qualitative techniques of business analysis strategically to support decision making in the field of relevance.

    2: To develop students as efficient managers equipped with critical thinking ability along with creative and innovative approach, research perspective, rationality, and application-oriented decision-making ability.

    3: To impart the ability to practice effective oral, written, presentation, and communication skills that encompass diverse perspectives to support decisions in business correspondence and persuade an audience by presenting oneself professionally while following the corporate/business etiquette.

    4: To develop and enhance Entrepreneurial skills, Team building ability, Leadership Skills and understanding of Group Dynamics needed for new venture development and coordinating organizational activities in a multi-disciplinary perspective while leading, motivating, and managing teams across borders effectively.

    5: To develop values of professional & social responsibility in context of legal principles, social issues and environmental sustainability practicing ethical norms and corporate governance as an aware global citizen.

    6: To foster a mindset of lifelong learning to excel in complex and challenging environments by managing change and solve business problems incorporating financial, social, and environmental contexts.


    The BBA Department persistently strives to grow into a distinguishable position in Management Studies to create Business Graduates to become future business leaders, entrepreneurs, socially responsible professionals who fit into the dynamic corporate world with a global outlook.

    • To emphasize on highest quality education with a strong foundation of management  concepts for students to excel and enhance their skills.
    • To develop a strong bond with industry for project-based learning, internships, and placements. 
    • To create academic excellence, international exposure to students to make them globally competitive managers.
    • To stimulate innovative learning processes for disseminating knowledge by utilizing state-of-the-art facilities