Engineers in general and Mechanical engineers in particular should have knowledge of properties of engineering materials and their applications. Different materials have different physical, chemical and mechanical properties and suitability. Testing the material for its mechanical strength forms an integral part of manufacturing. In this lab the students are exposed to the procedure of testing of engineering materials with help of different machines. The lab is well equipped to offer various type of testing on materials required for UG level studies.

List of Major Experiments:

  1. Charpy and Izod tests.
  2. Test for drawability of sheet metals through cupping test.
  3. Fatigue test of a typical sample.
  4. Sample preparation and etching of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys for metallographic observation.
  5. Experiments on heat treatment of carbon steels under different rates of cooling including quenching and testing for the change inhardness and observing its microstructural changes through metallographic studies.
  6. Observation of presence of surface/ sub-surface cracks using different non-destructive techniques, such as dye penetration (DP)test, magnaflux test, ultrasonic or eddy current test.

Major Equipments:

  1. Universal Testing Machine.
  2. Torsion testing Machine.
  3. Rockwell and Brinel Hardness Testing Machine.
  4. Impact Testing Machine.
  5. Fatigue Testing Machine.
  6. Disc grinder.
  7. DP test‘s equipment.