Mechanical Engineering being the broadest and most diverse of all engineering domains aims at transforming ideas into products. During the course, the design of machine components, nano to giga is particularly a crucial job that demands careful attention from the domain experts.

The Design lab in the department of Mechanical Engineering at IIE aims at providing a platform for the students to implement the previously assimilated concepts in understanding the practical aspects of design related experiments. Design drawings allow viewers to visualize a machine or its components before it is manufactured. In the current industrial trend CAD modelling is an imperative skill expected from all Mechanical engineers

Major Experiment 1:

  1. Knuckle/Cotter joint
  2. Bolted bracket/ turn buckle
  3. Screw jack
  4. Riveted joints
  5. Welded joints
  6. Shaft Couplings
  7. Belt pulley drive
  8. Helical compression spring/ Leaf spring.

Major Experiment 2:

  1. At least two assignments on 2-D and 3-D modeling of mechanical components and systems using software packages like AUTOCAD, CATIA, PRO E or similar software.
  2. At least one assignment on design analysis of mechanical components using software packages like CATIA, PRO E or similar software.
  3. At least one assignment on Design Practice using codes, e.g., Pressure vessel codes, Gear design codes etc.
  4. At least one assignment on Selection of mechanical components from manufacturers’ catalogue, e.g., chain drive, rolling element bearings etc.

Major Equipment’s

  1. Drawing table and board.
  2. Computers.
  3. Auto CAD 2009.
  4. CATIA